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You can easily create your video site in minutes. VideosMate is a cheap Youtube organizer script which lets you add and organize Youtube videos, so it is a kind of Youtube clone script. You can easily manage everything on a straightforward admin panel. You add the embed code of the video, give some description, select the category and that’s it.

Some features of Videosmate Youtube Clone Script


Allows visitors of your site to create Video Channels Open source Youtube Clone Script
The script generates thumbnails automatically from the Youtube Embed Code
The script allows you to create custom categories for your YouTube Videos.
The script allows sharing of videos. This is a module that uses your site URL to share Videos. Users who receive the shared videos will be redirected to your site.
This Youtube clone script allows visitors of your site to post comments on the videos and everything can be managed via the admin panel.
The Videosmate allows the ADMIN to BAN members who engage in spamming.
It tracks all the hits for each video.
The Videosmate Youtube Clone allows you to set Custom Meta tags that identify your site with search engines like Google.
The script supports Google Adsense Code and custom Image banner ads that are administered in the Admin Panel.
Videosmate Youtube Clone is a cheap solution only (10$)


Download VideosMate Here

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I want to create a website like Youtube?
Can someone help me in this matter. If there is a Template of Script available on Internet please provide me.

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